Calming Dog Spray
Calming Dog Spray
Calming Dog Spray
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Calming Dog Spray

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We know how sensitive your dog's sense of smell is, which is why our dog calming spray is made using a unique blend of 100% natural, dog safe, essential oil, hydrosols. Working to naturally calm and relax your dog, this gently scented spray is an everyday luxury, that no dog home should be without.

Use the spray to freshen dog bedding or into the air around your dog. 

Calming Dog Spray can be used therapeutically, along side training to help calm your dog in potentially stressful situations. Calming Lavender and soothing Chamomile will help you dog to settle and feel more relaxed, within their environment.

Top Tip: We also love spraying it into the car just before the dogs get in and onto our own bedding for a good night's sleep!

Why not shop our luxury dog bedding collection to complete the relaxed vibe dogs need for a good night's sleep?

Not suitable for puppies under 14 weeks of age or pregnant bitches. 


Ingredients: Lavandula stoechas, Chamaemelum nobile, Pelargonium graveolens