Measuring your Dog for an Oonalfie Collar

 How to measure a dog for an Oonalfie collar

Measuring your dog for our designer dog collars is easy with our 'How To Measure Your Dog For A Collar' Video Tutorial and with our Download And Print Tape Measure.

Measuring you dog for an Oonalfie collar from Laura Shaw on Vimeo.

There are two ways you can measure your dog for an Oonalfie Dog Collar:

Option 1. 

Remove your dog's current collar and buckle it back up onto the same holes that your dog typically wears it on. Measure the internal circumference of your dog's current collar, still fastened up. This is the length of collar you require.

Option 2. 

We recommend using a tape measure or length of string to get an idea of fit on your dog. When measuring your dog's neck, check that the proposed 'collar' size cannot slip over their head but has enough room for you to slip two fingers, flat against your dog's neck under the 'collar' snugly. This is the length of the collar you require.

Final Check: You should not be able to pull the collar easily over your dog's head.

For more information on choosing, measuring and fitting your dog collar, please go to How To Measure A Dog For A Dog Collar.

Custom sizes (measured in cm’s) are available at no additional cost. Please email us with your measurements and details.