About Us

Oonalfie, which retails high-end dog accessories, launched in November 2017. The business was founded by Laura Shaw, who believes there is a gap in the existing pet market for premium dog products; ones that were both beautifully designed and hard-wearing.


Five years ago Laura moved from London to Oxfordshire, with Alfie their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Lemoni a British Shorthair.  Five years on they added Oona a Hungarian Viszla to their family and life has never been busier (or more full of hair and muddy paw prints)! 

 Country life with two dogs and often extras visiting, meant their busy home regularly felt taken over with dog paraphernalia, brash colours and cheap fabrics aplenty.  

Through Laura's love of simple, stylish, interior design she identified a growing need for products that can withstand life with dogs, but still be a joy to have around our homes. 

Oonalfie – branded after Laura’s dogs, Oona and Alfie – produces some of the highest quality and finest designed, dog lifestyle products on the market today. Laura handcrafts the collars and leads from her studio in Oxfordshire. Her mission is simple: to design, source and create products, which are beautifully designed, handmade and durable; bringing simple, everyday luxury to both dog and owner.


As well as crafting their own products, Oonalfie is also collaborating with a number of other artisans and studios to develop new and exciting product ranges. If you are interested in working with Oonalfie please get in touch.  We would love to hear from you.

Work/Family/Life Balance

Our business model is designed to fit around our lifestyle.  Putting family and life first.  This will mean that the Oonalfie Studio will be closed, at some points in the year.  We promise to give our customers ample warning and clear lead times, to prevent disappointment.  We hope you will support us in this brave move for a better work-life balance.