Settle Mats

Designed with a nice relaxing country pub lunch in mind, our Lazy Adventurer settle mat is a great addition to any home. The clever design means the mat folds away, with its own carry handle to allow you to grab and dash, at the last minute.  

Made from heavy duty waterproof fabric, topped with a layer or thick wool, the mat provides your dog with both warmth and protection from the ground.

It’s handle is handcrafted from untreated leather and uses only the highest quality, solid brass, fixtures.

The slick, high design feel, to this product looks just at home in a country pub as it does on cafe sidewalk.  All you have to do now is decide between brunch in the city or lunch in the country!

No Leather?

We completely understand that for some of our customers leather is a no-no. Please email us and we will happily replace any of the non-vegan materials with alternatives, so you don’t even have to compromise on your values.