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Dog safe chocolate Easter treats

Why not have a go at making these gorgeous dog safe chocolate Easter treats for your dog or puppy? Safety Normal chocolate should NEVER be fed to dogs as it is highly toxic.  This bake uses dog safe chocolate made from carob (a chocolate substitute), which is safe for dogs to consume. That said it is still high in fat and sugar so should be given a a special treat in moderation.   Ingredients 100g of dog chocolate (either buttons or a bar you can break up)  Equipment Small pan Heatproof bowl Spatula Easter moulds (we used silicone) How to: Break up the chocolate into pieces and place in the heatproof bowl. Boil a kettle and place about 3cm of...

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How To Measure Your Dog Correctly For A Dog Collar

"How do I know if my dog's collar fits?” We often get asked this question by customers keen to measure their dog correctly for our handcrafted dog collars. In this journal, we share our top tips for accurately measuring your dog's neck for the perfect fitting collar.   Breed & Age Considerations  If you are looking to buy a collar for your puppy, be mindful that your pup will grow out of it fairly rapidly. Checking the fit of your puppy's collar every time they wear it is essential, and you should never leave them unattended while they're wearing their collar.  Collar fit should be checked routinely for all dogs, but especially those whose weight tends to fluctuate. Some breeds,...

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