Tips for taking your dog to work

As offices open up throughout the country we’ve put together a few taking your dog to work tips that should ease the process.

Taking your dog to work
  • Do a short office visit with your dog before you actually go in to work.
  • Introduce your pup to other office dogs outdoors.
  • Only allow your dog to approach people who interact with them (Remember that not everyone LOVES dogs- seriously)!
  • Practice your dog’s settle training, whether that be in a puppy crate, bed or settle mat.  This might take additional practice in a new environment.
  • Remember to schedule comfort breaks for your dog (based on their age) throughout the day.
  • Ensure they have an office worthy dog bowl of fresh water, left in a place away from thoroughfares.
  • Take brain toys such as healthy chews or kongs to keep their brain busy.
  • Be aware of office hazards: Wires, rubbish bins, peoples bags, shoes etc

Finally be realistic about your expectations of your dog, your colleagues and your workplace.