luxury rope slip collar for working dog
Hungarian vizsla wearing slip collar

Luxury Rope Slip Dog Collar

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The Oonalfie Luxury Slip Dog Collar is ideal for working dog breeds, where close control and easy release are key.  The slip dog collar can be easily clipped to an Oonalife Luxury Clip Lead for daily dog walking.  The untreated leather 'stay' ensures your dog doesn't slip out of it whilst training.

All our rope dog collars and leads are hand spliced ensuring none of the rope's durability is lost in their production.  We use high quality marine grade rope, which will not rot or decay with use in any conditions.

Oonalfie Luxurious Slip Collars are made from 12mm double braid marine rope and use only solid brass hardware that will not rust or corrode over time.  Oonalfie dog collars and leads are designed for today and built to last a lifetime.