Spring Summer Collection Launch

So the Spring Summer collection is finally here!

It's amazing how much work it takes to keep things as perfect as I need to, to ensure Oonalfie's brand integrity. 

We love this seasons colours because they tell a little piece of our story. 


All the collars are named after holiday destinations or memories we have of travelling with kids and without.  Last years trip was no exception.  We spent two fabulous weeks touring around the incredible island of Sri Lanka.  We swam in deep blue lagoons deep within rainforests.  We saw plants and animals with the most incredible coloured feathers and scales.  From here the creativity just flowed for this years Summer collection. 

Sri Lankans are not afraid of colour.  As Brits we seem to constantly strive for a perfect white and grey existence but this does not challenge us to find our inner fun.  Yes our beautiful muted tones calm us and make us feel in control, but life is not always about being in control.  Sometimes we have to throw caution to the wind, pack a bag and head somewhere where life is vibrant and challenging.

There will always be a place for calm and peaceful interiors with Oonalfie, indeed it is what our brand is built upon but season by season we ask you to join us in this rebellious break out and enjoy the colour and fun that life throws at us.

To celebrate this joy of colour and fun we are giving all our customers 20% off all orders until 00.00 on Bank Holiday Monday 7th May.  Find your inner happy and shop with us at www.oonalfie.com