How To Measure Your Dog Correctly For A Dog Collar

"How do I know if my dog's collar fits?” We often get asked this question by customers keen to measure their dog correctly for our handcrafted dog collars. In this journal, we share our top tips for accurately measuring your dog's neck for the perfect fitting collar.

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Breed & Age Considerations

 If you are looking to buy a collar for your puppy, be mindful that your pup will grow out of it fairly rapidly. Checking the fit of your puppy's collar every time they wear it is essential, and you should never leave them unattended while they're wearing their collar. 

Collar fit should be checked routinely for all dogs, but especially those whose weight tends to fluctuate. Some breeds, such as pugs and bulldogs, can become very thick set in their necks if they gain even a little weight. Other breeds such as Greyhounds can lose weight quickly. 

Dogs which have been recently neutered may be prone to piling on the pounds, and older dogs can start to struggle with maintaining their weight as their metabolism changes. Checking your dog's collar daily is imperative for both comfort and safety.

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The Perfect Fit

 When measuring your dog for their new dog collar, you will first need a tape measure. You can download our printable tape measure HERE if you do not have one at home. Once you have your tape measure, you will need a calm dog, so consider if you may require someone to help you with measuring if your dog tends to be excitable and lively. 

 All Oonalfie Dog Collars are measured in cm's, as this allows for a more accurate measurement. The first and most important measurement is taken from your dog's existing dog collar.  Take the collar off, clip it back together and measure the internal circumference using the tape measure. 

How to correctly measure for a dog collar

Some owners favour their dog collar to rest in a position more akin to a necklace as worn on our necks, other dog owners prefer the collar to sit more at the base of the neck.

 There are two critical checks for both.

1)  With the tape measure around your dog's neck, taped or stapled on the measurement you took from their existing collar, ensure you can slip a forefinger and middle finger flush underneath the tape measure and your dog's neck. This simple check ensures that the collar sizing is not too tight on your dog's neck and will not cause damage to your dog's neck, restrict their breathing, or cause them unnecessary discomfort. 

         checking the fit on a collar    getting the right fit on your dog collar

2) The second, equally vital check you need to do is attempt to slip the tape measure 'collar' over your dog's head. If it cannot be easily slipped over your dog's head, this indicates it is the right size, and your dog will not be at risk of slipping his collar and getting loose.

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This is how we recommend that our customers measure their dogs for our collars. However, if you are looking for further advice on measuring and buying a dog collar, here are a few more points to consider:

Before you measure your dog for a collar, it’s important to review the collar's material. If you are using this guide and not choosing an Oonalfie Dog Collar, please note that some dog collars can stretch over time. 

There are also other problems you need to consider when choosing the best dog collars. Nylon dog collars tend to fade over time and can rub your dog's neck if not regularly washed and kept clean. Fabric collars tend to fray and the stitching often starts to come undone over time.  

Plastic and metal fastenings can break and rust as well. A luxury leather dog collar is the most common custom dog collar but that may not stand up to everyday rough and tumble either. Leather does not fare well in wet conditions and so if your dog is a water baby, you should look at something more robust. 

         luxury dog collar    luxury handmade dog collar

All Oonalfie Dog Collars are made from a smooth, quality double braid marine rope and finished with a non-rust solid bronze clip. Our Oonalfie Luxury Dog Collars are designed for dogs that enjoy their doggie outdoor adventures, and owners who want a low maintenance, good looking, quality collar that will stand the test of time (and swimming in rivers and sea!).

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For A Visual ‘How To Measure My Dog For A Collar’ Guide, Watch Our Short Video Tutorial Here.