Behind The Brand Now!

laura shaw founder oonalfie

Running a business is a journey 

Four years ago, after 18 months of product development, Oonalfie was launched.  We filled the gap at the top end of the market, focussing on getting the basic things perfect, of exceptional quality and only bringing those products to you, when we were 100% happy.  If you ask anyone who knows me personally, you’ll know this was a pretty big moment: I am a perfectionist.   

laura shaw founder of oonalfie

Why dogs?

I am passionate about dogs and have been since the age of 7.  Back then my passion was demonstrated through raising money by roller skating around our local park and donating money to the RSPCA. My real passion grew when I became involved in training our family dogs.  I was and still am a firm believer that a house is not a home, without paws 🐾.

Briefly take us through the last 4 years

Slow growing the business has been very stop start, as I’ve juggled bringing up children, the arrival of not one but two Hungarian Vizsla puppies and the skills swap from being a teacher in a busy London School to running my own business.  But I wouldn’t swap it for the world. 

hungarian vizsla family

What's it like to build a brand?

Running my own business has allowed me to work the hours I choose (even if they are deep into the night), and be present in my children’s lives.  It’s allowed me the sheer joy (and despair) of training 3 rambunctious dogs and the opportunity to meet so many of you lovely people.

Building a lifestyle brand is no small mountain.  Some days it feels like I live, breathe, eat and sleep Oonalfie.  And everything being new, means it takes longer.  If I could choose the toughest parts, they would be these: Working on your own is lonely. The highs are great the the lows are hard without anyone to share them with.  Not knowing when you'll get your next order is moral sapping.  At the luxury end of the market, this was even trickier to predict.  And finally making mistakes and forcing yourself to remember you are only human. And that from mistakes, becomes a greatness!

So what now?

Four years on we have wholesale stockists around the globe and a strong customer base, both in the UK and internationally.  So I guess we’re doing it! 

Sure, I know there’s many more things our customers would like from us: loads more fabulous dog accessories of course!  Enriching content on our social media feed and authenticity.  Let me put your minds at rest, we have so many wonderful pieces in the pipeline which we are working our paws off to bring to you.  But as in the beginning, unless I’m 100% happy, you won’t find it on our website!

Lovely to chat and thank you so much for following us and keeping our dream alive.

All my love

Laura x

Founder and Managing Director of Oonalfie